Piedmontese cuisine: typical dishes from Turin and where to eat them

Typical Piedmontese cuisine is based on traditional country recipes that have been enhanced with special flavours and ingredients. The basis of the most traditional dishes are long and elaborate preparations, but they result in tasty and hearty dishes. If you want to find out which dishes you absolutely must try during your visit to Turin, read on!

Vitel Tonné

Thin slices of Fassona sirloin, marinated in white wine and herbs and then boiled together with its marinade, and served cold with a sauce consisting of mayonnaise, tuna and capers.

A delicate and tasty dish, Vitel Tonné, or Veal with Tuna Sauce, is one of the typical starters of Piedmontese cuisine.

Bagnet verd

Green sauce, as the name suggests, consisting of anchovies, garlic and plenty of parsley dissolved in boiling oil, with breadcrumbs soaked in vinegar. It is an accompanying sauce that can be used to season boiled meats or to cover ‘tomino’, a fresh round cheese and a great classic among Piedmontese hors d’oeuvres.


Fresh, hand-rolled egg pasta stuffed with meat only, as tradition dictates. The sauces, on the other hand, can be different: with roast sauce, with butter and sage, with Piedmontese meat ragout or served in meat broth.

This is one of the classic first courses of traditional Piedmontese cuisine, a must on Sundays and holidays, and definitely worth trying.


Thin, handmade egg tagliatelle, usually dressed with delicate sauces, such as butter and sage, with Langhe-style ragout or with a fine grating of white Alba truffle, to add a touch of refinement and unmistakable flavour.

Brasato al barolo

Stew of Fassona beef, cooked for a long time in Barolo wine and accompanied by a mix of vegetables and aromatic herbs, such as onion, carrots, celery, cinnamon, black pepper, cloves, nutmeg, bay leaves, rosemary, juniper and garlic cloves. The prolonged cooking in wine makes the meat soft and very tasty.

Gran Bollito misto

Seven different cuts of meat, boiled separately for a long time and flavoured with cloves, onion, celery, carrots and a few cloves of garlic, and served all together with the addition of boiled vegetables and a selection of typical Piedmontese sauces and bagnetti.

In this case, the choice of wine to accompany the meal is very important, preferably a red and even better if it is Barbera or Grignolino d’Asti.

Bagna cauda

Sauce made from desalted anchovies, garlic and extra virgin olive oil, served in earthenware pots, called Fujot, and accompanied by raw and cooked seasonal vegetables for dipping.

It is a unique dish, with a strong and distinctive flavour, typical of the autumn and winter seasons.

Fritto misto alla piemontese

Liver, lung, brains, sweetbreads, veal meat and sausage breaded and fried in oil, accompanied by the sweet notes of other typical Piedmontese products such as semolina, amaretto and apple.

Traditionally rural fare and now a signature dish of local cuisine, Fritto Misto alla Piemontese is a rich and tasty recipe.


A spoon dessert made of eggs, sugar, milk, cocoa, liqueur and macaroons, similar in consistency to pudding and best served cold.

The perfect conclusion to your typical Piedmontese lunch or dinner!

Where to eat in Turin: restaurants that have an association with the Hotel Plaza

And after discovering the typical dishes offered by Piedmontese cuisine, here are some places that the Hotel Plaza recommends to try them and taste the flavour of true tradition.

Via Madama Cristina, 116
011 6963342

Corso Raffaello, 5
011 6694723

Corso Dante, 85 
011 6698690

Corso Massimo D’Azeglio, 114
011 0373846

Corso Dante, 60
375 5490704

Via Madama Cristina, 167/d
011 696 3515

Corso Dante, 77
011 6982227

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